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Cleansing Oil and Jade Gua Sha
Jade Gua Sha
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A Chinese gemstone crossing two continents to reach the tip of Europe, by the Atlantic Ocean, to find a wildly inspired oil.

An oracle had told the stone, extremely romantic and longing for a great love, that a yellow oil, single and well-scented, would make a good match for her.
Not looking at dangers nor at distances, Jade decided to go in search of Diáfano. She trusted the oracle, who had also found a way to prevent the oil in dreams.
The meeting happened.
Since that day they find themselves in a balanced and lasting relationship, as much as a relationship between an oil and a stone can be.
This is a love collaboration between Herbes Folles & Erva Moura, a portuguese project born out of a desire to share and bring more people closer to the natural rituals that allow them to live a deeper and more conscious day-to-day life.


Used in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha relaxes the muscles, gets the energy and blood moving and relieves any puffiness. It boosts the circulation, helps release tension (also great for headaches and tight jaws) and will leave your skin instantly more supple, glowing and healthy-looking. Diáfano is a natural oil cleanser that gently dissolves make-up and impurities from your skin.


  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Lifts and firms skin over time
  • Drains lymph fluids from the face, enhancing your natural contour
  • Helps with the better absorption of the oil


It must be used with a serum or a balm/oil, and that's the exact reason why we've created this bundle.
In a scraping motion, start from the center of your face and scrape outwards. Use the small divot on nose bridge, in between brows and around the eye area, and larger edges on cheeks, forehead and jawline. 

Keep in the freezer for a a more cooling and draining action.
Always wash after use.
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