A little bit more about how Herbes Folles was born...

I encountered plants for the first time in Brazil, when I was 18. It was the first place where I lived where people would treat themselves with plants: it was a very common and popular practice. I began to read and study about plants properties, and to call them in times of need.

A few years later my mother passed away with cancer. This was a huge turning point in my life - not only for emotional, obvious reasons, but I've became also very aware of the systemic conditions that make cancer a so common disease of our times. Among other changes, mostly related to my diet, I've started using natural cosmetics, mostly because of the negative effects syntethic ingredients commonly found in cosmetic products can have in our health.

Later on, when I had my daughter, we've moved from Brussels to Montalvo, a little village in the center of Portugal. I've then decided to study natural skincare formulation and herbalism. Little by little, while learning about weeds wild wonders and to formulate with beautiful, luxurious ingredients, the idea of creating a skincare brand with weeds was born. This is a story of a sensorial passion for nature.

Three years later, after a lot of work, I've launched Herbes Folles. I hope you enjoy the magic of spontaneous plants as much as we do.

Some people (apart from my mother and my daughter) and resources that inspired me along the way:

Lise Duclaux

Richard Mabey

Fernanda Botelho

Ellie Irons

Nicolas Humbert

The Nature of Cities

Alyssa Dennis

Laura Lydia


 With love,