WEEDS, or We Exist Enchanted Diverse and Spontaneous

WEEDS, or We Exist Enchanted Diverse and Spontaneous, is a beautiful small zine-manifesto we get out every year. We are a skincare brand, but our mission is also to inform and to produce content about weeds, so they can be valued as the amazing plants they actually are.

WEEDS sums up our knowledge and beliefs about our beloved wild plants, and we share it with you so you can, by your turn, share it with others and spread weeds love around you. 





Until now we've created 2 different WEEDS (#1 and #2), and we offer you one copy as a gift with each order. WEEDS #1 was out on our first year, and, now that our anniversary has passed, we are offering WEEDS #2: a collection of 6 different postcards made by 6 different illustrators that represent and inform about each of the weeds we use: poppy, wild carrot, plantain, st. john's wort, purslane and nettle. Can you guess which one is which?



We hope you enjoy receiving them!