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Our Oils & Butters

Our oil supplier is an organic certified German producer and importer of selected vegetable oils.
Here follow more information about the oils we love:
Elderberry Oil

 The elder is a small tree or shrub native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. It likes having its feet in moist soil near water, but il also grows in forests, roadsides and suburban gardens around the world. Its little white flowers make a wonderful herbal tea which strengthens the immune system.

The berries contain approximately 10% of oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is a high-valuable cosmetic oil, particularly useful in the care of irritated and inflamed skin. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties due to omega 3 and 6, and anti oxidative properties expressed by high amounts of phytosterols. 

Camelina Oil

Commonly known as false or wild flax - it is often found growing in flax fields. Considered by many as a weed, it is known however by the name "gold of pleasure". Camelina is a small plant with yellow or greenish yellow flowers, native to Europe and Central Asia, and ample archeological evidence shows it has been grown for at least 3000 years.
This plant is also a good friend of pollinators. Camelina oil provides a balanced fatty acid profile of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. It has very good effects on the skin, acting as an emollient agent to improve skin elasticity. It particularly indicated in the care of sensitive, irritated skin, and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties due to omegas 3 and 6. 

Poppy Seed Oil

Poppies belong to the oldest plants on Earth.
The oil pressed from the seeds of white poppies, otherwise known for opium production, is great for dry and damaged skin.
Although poppy seed oil is intensively used in pharmacy, painting and in wood care, its applications in skincare are (still) quite uncommon. It has high concentrations of palmitic and linoleic acid, providing the oil with barrier repair and anti-inflammatory properties. Poppy seed oil is excellent for barrier damaged, mature and dry skin. Despite its light skin feel it is an oil with a slow absorption rate, which reduces trans epidermal water loss and makes it a protective skin care ingredient. Unsaponifiables, basically phytosterols, add to the protective and barrier repair qualities of the oil.  

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of Rosa canina, commonly known as dog rose, a shrub that grows in many regions of the world including South Africa and Europe. It is sometimes considered that the word 'dog' has a disparaging meaning in this context, indicating 'worthless' (by comparison with cultivated garden roses).
Rosehip oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly linoleic (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic (omega-3). It has a silky skin feel and a fruity sour scent, and its colour varies between dark yellow to reddish due to the carotenoids content. It is well known for its regenerative and scar healing properties.

Murumuru Butter

Our supplier works closely to the producers in Brazil, and has several sustainability projects in the Amazonian forest. Murumuru butter comes from the seeds of a palm tree growing in the Amazonian forest that can reach 10m high. The seeds are harvested after the fruit falls to the forest floor, without harming the tree or any surrounding plants. Murumuru butter is a semisolid fat rich in lauric, myristic and oleic fatty acids. It is a highly nutritive butter, restoring moisture and natural elasticity of the skin. As an excellent emollient it helps the skin to retain water by creating a protective film - ideal for dry skin.

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