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Our Hydrosols & Essential Oils

Our hydrosols and Essential Oils are organically produced in France. Here follow more information about the plants we love:

Wild Carrot

This hydrosol is excellent for all skin types, but is especially recommended for sensitive and mature skin. It soothes inflammations and illuminates complexion. Some sources also report reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Neroli (Orange Blossom)

The Neroli Hydrosol has calming, regenerative and balancing properties, being great for sensitive skin. It's citrus-floral perfume has anti-stress properties.

Sweet Fennel

Sweet Fennel Essential Oil has potent anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants: it strengthens, re-energises and protects the epidermis against free radicals.


It probably is one of the most known and used essential oils: very gentle (and therefore suitable for pregnant woman and babies - in very low doses) and soothing, it promotes the healing of skin tissue.

Bergamot essential oil is energizing and antibacterial.
The essential oil we use has the Furocoumarin removed, which minimizes the oil's phototoxicity and makes it more suitable to use on sensitive skin.
Fun fact: did you knew thar Bergamot is used as the secret flavouring to the famous Earl Grey Tea?


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