Weeds in the kitchen - very simple recipe - HERBES FOLLES

Weeds in the kitchen - very simple recipe

It is not easy to get spontaneous plants during these times - specially if you live in a city, specially if you live in an appartment. But, if by chance you have a garden, or a forest near you where you can go to forage plants (or if any of these options are available for now, you can just keep the idea for later), I'm sharing a very simple recipe to use weeds and their health benefits in your kitchen: pestos!

You can always add wild plants to your salads or stews, but pestos are a great way to have them by your side for a longer time. You can add them to pasta, rice, soups, pancakes - whatever you are cooking actually. It just gives it an extra taste.

The recipe is very easy, and the only thing that changes are the plants: nettles, chickweed* (one of my favourites), nastartium (flowers and leaves, 2nd choice), wild rocket are very good options. You can use only one, or a mix of 2. Besides that:

Olive oil

Toasted nuts or seeds (almonds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, whatever... chose the ones you have available)

Pinch of salt & pepper

Garlic (usually 1 or 2 cloves are enough, unless you have a lot of herbs)

If you are not vegan, add grated cheese (parmesan or any other hard cheese - goat cheese is a very good choice)

Instructions: with a hand blender or food processor, mix all the ingredients together (except the oil), and then slowly add the olive oil in a slow stream until emulsified. Put it in a glass jar, add a little more of olive oil to cover the pesto (and help to its preservation) and voilà :)

*To identify chickweed (stellaria media), the plant in the picture: if not in flower, tiny hairs cover one of the sides of the stem. Please use a book or a plantapp identifier to be sure of the plants you are collecting.

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