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Weed Stories #2 - Inês Barros

Inês Barros is a chef and nutritional therapist, and uses weeds as healing and nourishment.

৩ What is a "weed" for you?

The "weed" for me is a symbol of humility, stubbornness, of resilience. They are there waiting for us. We don't have to do anything, just let them be and be. They offer their richness in all simplicity.

৩ Which is your favorite, and why? What do you like to do with it?

The nettle, for its versatility and its medicinal properties. When I feel more tired I go to my secret place here in the Sintra mountains where I know I can find them. I take a full box and put a pot of boiling water in the house. I blanch them and make a spaghetti. After eating them I always feel revitalized, it's a general tonic. It strengthens the supra renal glands, detoxifies and is remineralizing.

৩ How do you define your relationship with plants? And how did it start?

I grew up in the city but never identified with urban life. I longed for a life where I could be closer to natural cycles and rhythms. It was only very late, when I finished Fine Arts college in Lisbon that I decided to go and learn to cook to heal myself. This led me to the importance of growing food and being aware of the wild plants available.

৩ What is your favorite plant place?

My favorite place is my home garden. It has been my little paradise during this period of recollection. I really enjoy transforming what I have available, being aware of what's there. Instead of going shopping think about working with what I have. It's a zero waste principle. "What heals us grows on our doorstep. In addition to nettle and dandelion I have spearmint lovegrass (skirt grabber), blackthorn and plantain. I discovered all these in my little garden.

৩ Any recipes to share? :)

So something quite simple and delicious is to make some dandelion greens in the iron skillet. I like to use this skillet but any one will do. I chop garlic, amount to taste and fry with ghee or coconut oil two minutes, then quickly add the dandelion leaves and a little whole salt, stir quickly and you're done.

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