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Skincare and cosmetics evolution

The practice of skin care is a routine known since prehistoric times (around 30,000 BC), reporting the occurrence of this adornment on skin and hair. At that time, people colored their bodies to protect themselves or to intimidate their enemies, whether they were other humans or animals. However, over the years, this practice has become something more common and linked to selfcare and personal self-esteem.

In the Middle Ages, bathing and consequently personal hygiene were considered harmful and, in the Dark Ages, the cosmetic concept disappeared completely, only returning with the Crusades, which brought from the East some hygiene and beauty products and habits. However, it was during the Renaissance that cosmetics began to re-emerge, with Italy and France emerging as producers, especially of perfumes, since the lack of hygiene remained, and these products were intended to mask bad body odor.

Today the world reflects the needs of social media, the Millennial generation, and Generation Z. The differences are massive between these generations and previous ones, more than ever seen in History. The technology available in the most diversified areas has enabled the creation of futuristic concepts and diagnostic tools that allow anticipating the needs of each person and, consequently, the development of formulas, whose results are even more impressive. But beyond product development, changes in consumer behavior play a major role in these generational differences.

Currently and increasingly, the development of natural, organic and biotechnological cosmetics are a focus for every person's routine as they are less aggressive to the skin and the environment. In this way, habits and brands evolve according to the wishes of society and consumers, which means that, from time to time, new products and concepts appear to enrich the beauty industry in some way. Examples such as reusable packaging, biodegradable products and international laws that prohibit the use of certain ingredients that are harmful to the environment are small achievements that little by little are making a big difference.

Also, with the evolution of cosmetics and the world, the paradigm that the world of beauty and cosmetics was for the female sex ceased to exist. As a result, brands have shown themselves increasingly attentive and interested, launching treatment and make-up lines for men. Chanel, for example, announced in August 2018 the creation of a make-up line for men comprising a foundation, a lip balm, and an eyebrow pencil. following the commercial strategy that has been “progressively” globalizing.

With the social deconstruction that this subject is creating, it is possible to observe men worrying about their appearance without fear of expressing themselves in the environment in which they live. The consumer in this market category is becoming more present and eager for innovations, although the male product is growing, we can already understand a diversification in developments as well as a better adhesion of the consumer public to new releases.






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