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Who's behind our products...

Our cosmetic products are made in Spa, Belgium, at Copaiba - alaboratory specialized in natural cosmetics.

They are the first and the only Belgian laboratory to have received accreditation for the very strict International Cruelty-Free Standard from the ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments). This charter guarantees that neither the finished product, nor the ingredients that compose it, have been tested on animals. Copaiba was one of the first companies to adhere to carbon offset mechanisms, engaged in promoting an eco-friendly behavior.

We've decided to ask them a couple of questions, for you to know us and our partners a little bit better :)
  • When was created Copaiba, and by whom?

Copaïba was born in 2001, and, twenty years later, we are still the same people running the laboratory: Gaetan Millis, pharmacist, and Delphine Roberti, biochemist. 

Through his daily work in the pharmacy, Gaetan realized that a good number of skin disorders could not find a solution in the range of treatments made available by the big names in the cosmetics and pharmacy industry. Medicines presented in the form of creams, ointments or other are often unpleasant because they are smelly or too greasy, and their potency, which is sometimes not without side effects, does not allow them to be used continuously. As for classic cosmetic products, their effectiveness is unfortunately generally very limited and does not relieve the thousand and one problems that affect our skin on a daily basis.

However, a third way, an alternative between drugs and cosmetics, exists: it is possible to design products that are very pleasant to the touch and smell, but which exploit the full power of plant extracts, such as vegetable oils or oils. essential. Not widely used because it is very demanding, this way of designing cosmetics is nevertheless synonymous with exploiting all the wealth offered by nature, for unparalleled efficiency.

The meeting in 2006 with Delphine Roberti, biochemist trained in the art of essential oils, was a key step in the development of the laboratory. Her qualities as a formulator, her remarkable technical mastery in the laboratory and her undeniable talent as a perfumer have brought enormous advantages to the company, and have brought the name Copaïba into the highly selective circle of pioneer cosmetic laboratories.

  • Why natural cosmetics?

In 2001, the natural did not yet knew the success encountered today. However, Copaïba believed in it, by choice and conviction, for love of truth and beauty. In the words of Delphine: "The search for the authentic is that which combines the beautiful and the true; working with natural ingredients allows us to magnify their shine without ever losing their origin. And this is a great source of pride for Copaïba".


  • Among the different services you offer (formulation, search for suppliers, manufacturing, ...), which one do you prefer?

All projects are different, and require constant attention. All of the tasks constitute our profession, and are difficult to isolate from one another. But maybe we would say that the best times are when we meet the products that are, at one point or another of their journey, in our hands, on the shelves of a beautiful store.


  • With which brands do you work with (present & past)?
We have or had clients such as AmateraAullyn Cosmetics, Alpeor, Senz Cosmetics, Soft Love, Une Nuit Nomade, Vavin, ...
  •  Weeds in natural cosmetics, is this a strange combination?

Only the fool will denigrate the weeds for the benefit of the so-called noble plants. All have their place in our ecosystem, and it is rightly appropriate to honor these weeds, too little known, poorly estimated, but so important for our biodiversity.

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