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How to survive (and thrive) this Winter?

With cold months coming (and the consequent less sun exposure), we know our immune systems are weakened. Plants are our allies!! In this blog post we share two simple recipes to strengthen our immune systems in a simple, powerful way.

The 4 Thieves Vinegar is a vinegar tincture made with a selection of herbs and spices.

And why this name?

It functioned as an antibacterial guard for thieves during the plague. They made and used the mixture to avoid contamination while they robbed plague victims, and were quite successful 🤭 There are a lot of variants of the recipe, but the main idea is to extract the herbs properties with using vinegar - know to be antioxidant and antimicrobial.


2-4 garlic cloves
A piece of Ginger
2-4 Peppers
A handful of plants like thyme, sage, marjoram and/or rosemary
1-4 teaspoons of honey
Apple cider vinegar to cover


Cut all the ingredients in little pieces, put them in a glass jar and add apple cider vinegar until all is covered. If the jar has a metal lid, protect it with parchment paper, as vinegar is corrosive.
Let it sit in your cupboard for 1 to 4 weeks, shaking the mixture once in a while (with love and positive thoughts 💛) After this time passed, filter it. You can use it to season your plates, or take 1 to 4 big spoons everyday, up to 4 times a day.


Now it’s good to make time for sleep and rest, to open to your own deep knowing and intuition. Some ways to let this in are to write, meditate, walk in nature and savor the beauty of the changing colors.

We've found a VERY easy tutorial (I’m not a very manual person 😅) to do a dream pillow to help you sleep and dream better, for more joyful days:


Fill a small muslin bag with herbs and put it into your pillowcase. You can also just place them in a square of cloth and tie it with a ribbon or rubber band. Do this with mindfulness. Speak your intentions aloud and infuse your creation with your wishes for your dream state.

Which plants?

Chamomile, lavender, dried orange zest and/or rose petals/buds are good companions for a better rest state.
You can also incorporate essential oils (of the same plants, in small doses) to the herbal blend.


Here follow a short list of easy-to-find herbs that will strengthen your immune and respiratory system:
Elder flowers, Thyme, Peppermint, Savory, Origan leaves, Fresh grated ginger

You can use them alone or a mix of 2 or 3.

Honey and lemon (with the zest) are a great add to the infusion, as they are also going to contribute to the plants action (and flavour). Use 30g of plant material for 1L of water. It is better to drink it warm, but if you prefer it cold it’s ok also: the properties of the plants will still be there!

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