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6 Benefits of Edible Weeds

Rediscover the Art of Wildcrafting and The Underestimated Power of Weeds

We, as a specie, are more and more interested into being close to the land and other beings. A great way to discover what's around you is to walk, and be attentive to the plants growing: you can even bring some to your lunch!

The benefits of eating wild edible plants:

⚘ They are free!

⚘ Most edible plants and weeds are more nutritious than hybridized and cultivated species.

⚘ Eating local wild plants means that the plant fights off the same organisms as your body, therefore making them highly beneficial for your immune system.

⚘ Wildcrafting (picking your own) edibles means you get exercise, vitamin D from sunshine and get to be in a relaxing setting. It can be highly pleasurable to go regularly on a walk to search and find edible plants. However, you should be sure of what you are picking, as there are similar species with very different properties (and some can even be poisonous). Use a plant identifier app, or have with you a book that helps you to be sure of what plant is in front of you.

⚘ You should also be respectful: only collect flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds where they are in abundance, leaving plenty behind for others and for wildlife, and assuring plant reproduction.

⚘ Choose a clean place to pick your weeds, away from roads and other polluted areas (like a garden or forest for example), as well as good-looking, healthy leaves. 

Some edible plant species with great taste that can be eaten raw are plantain, pennywort, purslane, shepherd's purse, borage, and nasturtiums flowers or chicory. These new flavors can be quite surprising, as we are not used to them, but just try it and be open to new experiences :) 

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