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How to have healthy and beautiful skin?

The skin, our largest organ, performs a number of functions resulting from complex chemical and physical reactions. It is a barrier, protecting the body from the elements from oxidation and injury. The skin helps maintain a constant temperature, gathers information from our environment, and plays an active role in our immune system.

Without the skin, other organs would oxidize quickly - like an apple without peel when exposed to air. Through sweat, it eliminates various substances that result from the metabolic activity of other organs (such as the liver).

To perform all these functions, it must maintain its self-repairing abilities, which can be helped by our (good) habits.

Here is some advice and care to ensure the health of our skin:

1. Rest: it is during sleep that organs regenerate, and skin is no exception. We should sleep between 7 to 8 hours a night for the general health of our body. I know it is often easier said than done, but this "effort" is important...

2. Have a balanced diet: the health of our body and skin starts with what we eat. A healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables (organic, if possible), whole grains, fats, and proteins, is essential for a radiant body. Skin hydration is linked to the amount of liquids we drink, water or tisanes being the best choices.

3. Use sunscreen - since the skin on our face is constantly exposed to the sun's rays (even in cloudy weather, mind you!), it is very important to apply SPF30 sunscreen daily. The sun, although it helps in our good mood and provides us with the so precious vitamin D, is harmful to the skin due to the ultraviolet rays it emits. To prevent cancer and premature skin aging, there is nothing like avoiding direct exposure between 10 am and 4 pm.

4. Clean the face, morning and evening: to remove makeup, dust and pollution from the face, it is important to use a product that helps dissolve the residues that accumulate superficially - micellar water, cleansing oil or gel,... This habit helps prevent pimples, blackheads and other skin inflammations, and is the first simple step in a beauty routine.

5. Use a moisturizing product daily: substances naturally present in the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin), help keep it soft, hydrated, and healthy. Besides lipids (ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids), the skin also produces a set of water-soluble substances called NMF (natural moisturizing factor), which includes amino acids, lactic acid, sugars and minerals, sodium PCA, among others. That's right, the skin produces its own moisturizer :) However, this "natural moisturizing factor" decreases with age, and is negatively affected by pollution, sun exposure and other environmental aggressions. To protect and "help" it, it is important to use a gentle moisturizer that is based on natural ingredients-preferably one that includes some of the substances mentioned above. When the skin is more sensitive (due to temperature, prolonged sun exposure, air conditioning,...), we should use a thicker product that creates a layer of surface protection.

6. Offer a massage, before going to bed, to our face. It only takes 1 or 2 minutes, in which our fingers go over the skin, grab it and pull it (with care, of course), linger around the eyes and lips with circular movements, stimulating it to activate circulation. It is much nicer to do it with a vegetable oil or other moisturizing product, which also allows its properties to be better absorbed by the skin.



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