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Bacteria, Prebiotics and Healthy Skin

The Bacteria

Did you know that only 43% of the body is made up of human cells, the rest being bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms? One wonders if we are really human... These tiny beings, invisible to the naked eye, represent more than 2kg of our total body weight!

The microbiome (these microorganisms, which exist mainly in the intestines) plays an important role in digestion and regulates the immune system, protecting against disease and producing vital vitamins.

The Prebiotics

Prebiotics are simply fibers (soluble, more specifically) found in certain fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants, and which we do not digest. This means that from the moment they enter our mouths until they reach the colon they remain intact. Our intestinal flora, however, loves them! So these fibers will be digested by the "good" bacteria in our intestines.

The consumption of prebiotic foods, as well as probiotic supplements, helps maintain the health of the intestinal flora and the immune system, which consequently interferes with skin health.

The roots of the common chicory, for example, or the dandelion, contain inulin, one such source of prebiotics. To benefit from its properties, simply reduce the dried roots to powder, and use it in yogurt, salad, soup, etc.

Another prebiotic is pectin, which we find in apples, cherries, and grapes, for example. This is (also) why it is so important to eat fruits and vegetables!

Cutaneous application

Nothing is sterile in the world we inhabit, which means that everything contains a certain amount of bacteria: the food we eat, the medicines and cosmetic products we use, and our own skin are inhabited by bacteria.

However, the delicate balance of the skin microbiome can be upset by pollution, excessive UV exposure, and chemicals.

And so we come back to prebiotics: recent cosmetic studies show that topical application of products containing them can be beneficial, improving problems such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and other inflammatory conditions, as well as on skin damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

Névoa, our Bi Phase Lotion, contains a prebiotic (the inulin mentioned above) extracted from chicory roots. In this way, this product will help regulate one's microbiome, nurturing the good bacteria that live on the surface of the skin, which will act as a shield against outside aggressions.

Protecting and strengthening the skin microbiome is essential for preserving healthy and beautiful skin.

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