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The Magical Ingredients

  • Humectants

    Humectants are conditioning and moisturizing ingredients to improve the look and feel of skin. They attract water from the atmosphere or from the body and retain it, binding it to itself.
  • Prebiotic Chicory Extract

    Chicory is a plant of the dandelion family with beautiful blue flowers. Its roots contain high contents of inulin.
  • Our Weeds

    All of our plant extracts are produced in Switzerland with very gentle methods, in a specialized company which has also the CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics) certification.
  • Our Oils & Butters

    Our oil supplier is an organic certified German producer and importer of selected vegetable oils. Here follow more information about the oils we love.
  • Our Hydrosols & Essential Oils

    Our hydrosols are organically produced in France. Here follow more information about the plants we love.