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ALL about WEEDS (& other beautiful things)

  • How to successfully compost your food waste ?

    Composting is the recycling of green waste from the garden and/or house by piling it up to decompose. Are you already a composter?

  • The Double cleansing, the deepest clean to give your skin a break

    One wash simply won't be enough for some skins. Therefore, a deep cleanse can be essential in the evening, although it's more than just a way to remove dirt and make-up.
  • Simple habits for a better skin

    We share with you some great tips to better care for the skin on the face, which is more fragile than the rest of the body. 
  • About toners, fermentation and apple cider vinegar benefits

    A toner looks like water and acts like water. BUT it's not really water: depending on the toner you chose, it also can contain acids, humectants (glycerin or others), and other ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Dry Vs. Dehydrated Skin

    Dry skin is a skin type, and people tend to experience dryness everywhere: from the scalp to the feet.
    Dehydrated skin, however, is a skin condition which is not so constant and change through time.
  • Our Plant Extracts

    Botanica, the company that creates our plant extracts, is located in Sins, Switzerland. Here follows a small interview with one of their team members, Laurence Lhomel, about their values and history.
  • Clays in Skincare

    Clay is a type of fine-grained natural soil material that contains a high amount of minerals. The rainbow of clay colors available reflects the variety of minerals it contains, depending on the soil composition of the area from which it was mined.
  • How to survive (and thrive) this Winter?

    With cold months coming (and the consequent less sun exposure), we know our immune systems are weakened. Plants are our allies!! In this blog post we share two simple recipes to strengthen our immune systems in a simple, powerful way.
  • Aligning with the Four Phases of the Moon

    Would you like to have a few rituals in hand to be in phase with the Moon? Jade Mordente, Holistic Healer specialising in Reiki, Tarot, Meditation, Crystals and the cycles of the Moon tells you everything about it.
  • Who's behind our products...

    Our cosmetic products are made in Spa, Belgium, at Copaiba - a natural cosmetics specialized laboratory. We've decided to ask them some questions, for you to know us and our partners a little bit better :)
  • Activism by Mariama Injai

    Mariama Injai is one of our models, and we asked her to write an article about activism: when collective or individual actions have an impact on society, and which, little by little, produce positive changes, the effects this has on a personal level are equally beneficial.
    Activism as an empowering practice, by Mariama Injai.

  • Bacteria, Prebiotics and Healthy Skin

    Did you know that only 43% of the body is made up of human cells, the rest being bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms? One wonders if we are really human... These tiny beings, invisible to the naked eye, represent more than 2kg of our total body weight!