ALL about WEEDS (& other beautiful things)

  • Aligning with the Four Phases of the Moon

    Would you like to have a few rituals in hand to be in phase with the Moon? Jade Mordente, Holistic Healer specialising in Reiki, Tarot, Meditation, Crystals and the cycles of the Moon tells you everything about it...
  • Who's behind our products...

    Our cosmetic products are made in Spa, Belgium, at Copaiba - a natural cosmetics specialized laboratory. We've decided to ask them some questions, for you to know us and our partners a little bit better :)
  • Activismo

    Mariama Injai é uma das nossas modelos, e pedimos-lhe para escrever um artigo sobre activismo: quando acções colectivas ou individuais têm um impacto na sociedade, e que, pouco a pouco, produzem mudanças positivas, os efeitos que isso tem a nível pessoal são igualmente benéficos.

    Activismo enquanto prática empoderadora, por Mariama Injai.

    (scroll down for the english version of the article)

  • Bactérias, prébióticos e saúde

    Sabias que apenas 43% do corpo é composto por células humanas, sendo que a restante parte são bactérias, vírus, fungos e outros microorganismos? É caso para nos perguntarmos se de facto somos mesmo humanos... Estes minúsculos seres, invisíveis a olho nu, representam mais de 2kg do total do peso do nosso corpo!!
  • Weeds stories #4

    David is a student and steward of the land. At present he is caretaking, creating and cultivating his way to change through land management on the east coast of Australia. He is our fourth invited to speak about weeds, as a permaculture practitioner.
  • Common chicory

    Common chicory is a plant of the dandelion family with beautiful blue flowers (for curiosity, it's the cousin of the cultivated endives). It lives as a wild plant on roadsides and other weedy places in its native Europe, India and Egypt, and has travelled and established itself in North America, China, and Australia. 
  • Weeds Stories #3

    “Giving a name to things makes them exist". Our third invited is Fréderique Soulard, the woman behind Belles de Bitume, a beautiful & poetic street-art project that puts weeds (and their several different stories) as one of the major characters of our urban environments.  
  • The virtues of Wild Carrot

    Wild carrots are the ancestors of cultivated carrots, and they have both food and medicine uses in many cultures around the world,
  • How to do St. Johns Wort oil

    The active ingredients of this plant are captured by macerating the flowers and buds in several weeks in a vegetable oil, which then takes a beautiful yellow-orangish tint.
  • Weed Stories #2

    A Inês Barros é terapeuta nutricional, e usa as ervas daninhas como cura e alimento.
  • Corn Poppy, the delicate in red

    Poppy bright red flowers are rich in mucilage, a very nurturing and protective substance for the skin and other membranes. It also contains alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanins (both antioxidants), pigments which give it its vibrant color and protect the skin against free radicals.
  • Weed stories #1

    Our first guest is Gaja Osole, co-founder of Trajna, the slovenian collective that Herbes Folles support through 1% for the planet. Trajna creates innovative and sustainable solutions for the management of invasive species, and their work is just AMAZING.